Korea’s Top Brokerages in 2011

Money Today’s the bell has released it’s ranking of the top brokerages from last year. Shooting up to 1st from its 2010 ranking of 5th place is Tongyang Securities. Last year the securities firm handled ELB issuance for companies such as Taihan Electric Wire Group, Doosan Construction, Dongbu Construction, and STX. 

Tongyang recorded 7 transactions worth 488.9 billion won, 3 times the value its 162.9 billion won in IPOs and nearly half of the 1 trillion 221 billion Equity Capital Market.

Woori Investments and Securities came in 2nd place, having brokered the issuance of various bonds for Taihan Electrical Wire, SeAh Steel, Kolon Life Science, and Woongjin Energy.

JP Morgan appeared in 3rd, with its major transactions including the sale of convertible bonds in Japan to the tune of 159.6 billion won as well as participating with other firms in Posco’s sale of bonds exchangeable for SK Telecom American Depository Receipts.

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